Wednesday, August 12, 2009


MY TRIP TO FRANCE WAS AN INTERESTING ONE I CALLED IT BOOT CAMP. WHEN WE GOT TO THE AIRPORT IT KINDA SUCKED WE DIDNT KNOW THE LANGUAGE WE FIGURED PEOPLE SPOKE A LITTLE ENGLISH BUT WE WERE WRONG . WE GOT IN CONTACT WITH OUR CONECTS KONGO AND DISCO BUT LEARNED WE HAD TO TAKE THE TRAIN TO OUR DESTINATION IT WAS COOL . I NOTICED HOW IN FRANCE THEY HAD A LITTLE MORE BALLS THEN PUERTO RICO WRITERS I GOT SO USED TO SEEING JUST SLOPPY TAGGIN AND RANDOM THROW UPS THAT WHEN I SAW FULL FILLED SILVER BLOCK LETTERS ALONG SIDE BUSY STREETS AND TUNNELS THAT I WAS IN FOR A TREAT . . AFTER AN HOUR OF TRIAN RIDIN WE MADE IT TO OUR STOP AND MET UP WITH KONGO MAC CREW . WE WALKED FOR LIKE 30 MIN AND I WASNT READY FOR ANY WALKIN . IF YOU REALLY KNOW ME YOULL KNOW I DONT WALK TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET IF I DONT HAVE TO . LESSON LEARNED I HAD TO LOSE SOME WIEGHT AND GET IN SHAPE . MY TRIP WAS GOING TO BE FOR ALMOST A MTH SO I BETTER GET MY SHIT TOGETHER . IT STARTED FUCKED UP . THE AIRLINE LOST MY BAGS AND THE CHANGE FROM AMERICAN DALLOR TO EURO SLAPPED ME HARD IN THE FACE . WE MADE IT TO OUR PLACE OF STAY BAGNOLET FRANCE NICE AREA HUMBLE PEOPLE . NICE CAFES . AFTER 6 DAYS THE PEOPLE WOULD SAY HI AND BYE WE LEARNED SOME WORDS AND I KINDA FELT EVERY ONE KNEW WE WERENT FROM AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD . the weather was ok i got sick ass soon as i got there . i guess it was all the cigarettes and burger king combos for 10 years like i said boot camp . other then that painting was good i did like 6 to 7 burners and many throw ups around the city . our trip was short but at best i met some awosome writers that for years ive always wanted to meet . like colors , disco , kongo, lazoo, custy, rest, moon .the language was a little trouble but writer disco helped me out at best being puerto rican raised in france we spoke the best we could . over all our language was graffiti and we all understood it well . i also met a great dude swift guad a french mc who spoke some spanish . he amazed me with his mc abilities even if i didnt understand it but it sounded really good . we all learned some words and they also learned some words . i wont say but it was always funny . there will be more visits to france and the french west indies . i am now part of a french familia called NARVA LOW ! THANKS A MIL FOR OPENING THE DOORS TO MY NEW HOME ! MORTEL ! MELANGE 167!!!

i for got to say some thing really personal im really greatful for the trip i learned how american i was . and used to the conforts of home and the american way . i realized how you can do so much with so little. i felt bad at first how i would be pissed that i couldnt eat how i eat hahaha and learned that just some thing simple was good . im back home and kept with the diet i started in france . france ! boot camp!

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