Thursday, September 3, 2009

SPAIN 2009

Espana! once we got off the train we called soem from the silver caps crew we met in barcelona la rambla and we were out to rock some walls he took us to la vereneda where alone barcelona old school writer tookus to his walls . it was a crazy vibe it was in a old vacant lot by the spanish projects it kinda reminded me of the south bronx in the 80s . there soem, bad6, cortes,, and me rocked a quik piece itworked out alot i used the broken pieces of the wall so you can see how some buldings were in the area .meeting of styles was great mad people all over i met up with my bna dogs from london in lleidas . they killed the wall as well as the one rocked by the blood line crew , the city was just crazy old gothom city type look at night i was taken on my 3rd day in spain to a old factory and was amazed with these huge roller painted walls all by brush and roller . crazy! my last day i got into a little accident where i almost lost a thumb . it was a bitch because it was my painting hand. so my last piece was done with my left . i dont think it came off bad but it helped me to really start using it to do symple burners. over all it was a great trip lots of inside stories but thats another day


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  1. esa maquina con cervezas la quiero aqui de que ya