Saturday, January 8, 2011


the show was a great one . gotta give thanks to every body that showed up it was a full house . Desde el campo. Babalu. R2. Ikol. Don severo. Ebrs. Rap pack. Tek. Meli Mel. Cotto.fatcat de narva low francia .sage deleyte.. thanks to sage for giving me the invite and leting me part of the show as a host i think i didnt do that bad funny moments with powerful pexster from the newyork city breakers he did his thing. if it wasnt for you i wouldnt have did as good b !! i had a little surprise up my sleave thanks to meli mel . thanks for bringing tek along and seguro thanks tek for showing every body that its like riding a bike !! other than that every body rocked well ebrs didnt want to let the mic go but it was funny. over all thanks to every body even the hardcore scene for showing there presence there as always and my dude fatcat for doing his thang NARVALOW!!. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME BNA CREW BLEN 167

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