Monday, December 3, 2012


in 2005 i met a energetic bunch of guys that called them selves the tcu crew skim,xomi,wiks, cao,endso among others. they were the new generation of writers in puerto rico they brought to the table a diferent style and the goals to make it to the top. endso was the most energetic happy with amazing ideas . they gave me the push to piant more and more . from 18 year old kids they grew to b adults and there skillz evolved and street domination became a goal . they claimed the streets of puerto rico among other crews but the new crew camo was up top with the elite. during the years we would paint and would mainly hang out and get a beer or 2 or......20. on friday swifty and endso decided to pay me a visit and we grabbed a quick beer and talked for a while . endso tells me blen i have to go to nyc cant wiat to show you my new shit tu veras your gonna like it! we spoke a little and we made appiontment to chill agian and venture more in his soon to b clothing line . swifty and endso took off . i didnt realize it would b the last time i spoke to my boy . i dont want to talk about your incident and i dont want to morn i rather celebrate your life . puerto ricos graffiti will never meet another person like you . i still and will always have your painting in my home and your friendship in my heart i love you flaco. and thank you. Blen By Noble Angels camo kd fua.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Many writers would continue many of RIFF 170's innovating approaches to the aerosol alphabet, such as movement of letters, breaks, cracking letters, interconnecting arrows, whips, interconnecting stars in the letters as well as his signature color schemes. Kool-Aid 131, Noc 167, Part 1, Chain 3, Slave and Dondi as well as writing groups like TDS, TMT, MTA, TSF, CIA, would be some of the notable writers and groups to carry out many of Riffs approach to lettering styles. Many of these writers would develop their own style and start a cultural phenomenon that would grow world wide.