Friday, January 21, 2011


SNOW!!! if you dont know snow youve been stuck some where in toyville. snow has been rockin walls for years str8 from new jersey . doing some of new york cities badest murals ever. even if its repin the finest crews he stands alone as one of the best in his craft . much respects to snow one of the writers i respect .
peace b
el desierto te llama! hahaha
BLEN 167

I remember 32 yrs ago(1978) I was in the 5th or 6th grade, lookin out my classroom window in Paterson, NJ...staring at some 'strange' designs on a wall nearby. I wondered what it was, did it say someting?If so, what? Who wrote it and why?? That was my intro to graffiti.I asked around, met some schoolmates who wrote(SCAT CPW and AERO TGF) and started gettin up w El Markos and Pentel's.Back then , there was no real point of reference, today we know it is grafff when we see it. I was obviously hooked... for life...

In this day and age of Ipods,Ipads,Iphones, internet chat blogs,designer paints, urban graffiti art ad campaigns, custom nozzles, endorsement deals,licensing agreements, graf tours, jams,events,gallery shows, collections,merchandising, clothing lines,action figures and autographs; it's hard to believe those golden days were in the same lifetime, they seem so far away yet the vivid memories make me feel like the moments have only recently come and gone...

I am grateful for all my trials, tribulations, beef, triumphs, props and good times with all my friends and contemporaries.This is the adversity that helped to shape my character and my style. I was influenced and inspired by so many writers,artists and experiences, its hard to document it all. But a quick list of those that standout: SKEME,TACK,DONDI,SEEN,TKID,WEST

Fantasy artists and illustrators still have a big impact on my work today: Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson,Rodney Matthews
Roger Dean,Rick Griffin,Vaughn Bode,Todd McFarlane,Alex Nino,Rudy Nebres,Joe Chiodo,Boris Vallejo,Azpiri,Greg Capullo
Simon Bisley,Disney,Looney Tunes...damn, too many to list...

Anyway, there's more than just visual images that have helped me to define myself , and my style. The spirit has many facets and is is the foundation of who we are, how we see things and how we relate them to our brothers and sisters. Hip Hop and graffiti art are embedded in my heart and soul. Every stroke,form,letter, color,sound,movement and connection, all form the spirit.You bow to the spirit of the 'Art' itself and 'It' bows back to you.This is what it is for me: a spiritual journey...

SNOW QM8.. FX Worldwide..BT..VS..TGF..NRG..BNS..AD..SMC...And It Dont Stop...

Lookout for "Tales from the Mist(tm)" from Fly Dragon Studios,coming in 2011


  1. thx big Blen, i got my canteen filled and ready! jajaja

  2. Big Blen comin thru, nice page my ninja long time no speek, glad to see you keepin busy, awesome snow showcase, TOO ILL! SeeKz TbV (((OUT)))

  3. Skills for light years ahead, congrats Snow!