Wednesday, September 29, 2010

POE ONE puerto ricos finest

Back in puerto rico in 1991 i had just finished moving there i remember still summer . i was kinda pissed i moved here i figured there wasnt anything here but indeed i was wrong . i started taking some art classes with a man named carlos acevedo . after a couple of weeks i noticed this one dude not looking like he was from pr airbrusin some shirts . during my time in pr i saw airbrushed shirts and they were on some commecial shit not poe this dude had some sick style i never seen before . cool we talk turned out he was one of the most hmble dudes i ever met in pr and to b honest the first .during time we hung out and even rocked an out line or two but we were some broke dudes at the time he ended up going back to his home town cidra and then moving to bayamon . every now and then we would bump into each other and it was all good we all had lame jobs . till this day i still remember one thing he told me in a mall in san juan . he came out witha windmill got up and said " dam blen i got to practice agian im gonna break out to san jose " like 7 years later no words from hhim and then im on the interneta nd blame there hes is poe one ! worldly known bboy! i gotta respect the dude he had a mission and he completed it . indeed a big inspiration in my writing career much respects b i had to pay some tribute to ya !! limber a 10chavo bro! i still got your flick b send me your address lol


Puerto Rican born Poe One lives in Los Angeles and is a member of Rock So Fresh, Zulu Kingz, and Style Elements crew. Poe is active as dancer, teacher, judge and also as event promoter in his country and all over the world. He has been member of the jury at several big international events such as the Battle of the Year or the Red Bull BC ONE 2005. Poe is well known for his excellent teaching skillz so he is also travelling the world holding dancing masterclasses and workshops.

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