Thursday, February 17, 2011


IN THE EARLY 80S PHASE 2 PULLED OUT WHAT I THINK WAS THE FIRST GRAFFITI ZINE . IF HE EVEN SEES ME UEING THE WORD GRAFFITI IM GONNA HERE IT ! BUT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY PEOPLE WILL KNOW WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT . magazines were a awsome way of knowing what was happining in certain places of our planet . australia had hype mag nyc had various flash backs. ,graff news by the u5 crew, nic one and sach had theres i dont even remember the name im gonna have to search in my boxes for them . i had a great colection of mags . cali had one of the best can control as well as skillz by spone , on the go from philly etc etc . moving to puerto rico it was hard to get noticed sending fotos all around the world some time not to get even noticed that in puerto rico we had a scene . ske and soze were the first to ever come out in a magazine back in 1990 . no internet was a killer i would have to get shit from word of mouth . just knowing there was a graff based shop in nyc was the only way of getting anything . by 1995 i got tired of trying to get puerto rico work in magazines that i pulled out my own. it wasnt easy or cheap but i did it. writing to james prigoff (sparycan art) for years before i came in contact with many writers from all parts of the world . before the internet well our post office was the best contact. trading flicks became a passion . i had some much that i decided to put a magazine together CREATIONS OF TALENT . IT WAS HARD I DIDNT HAVE A COMPUTER SO EVERY THING WAS ALL CUT AND PASTE . luckly i worked at a office shop at the time that had a pretty good copy machine so every thing was full color i started with a black and white sketch mag . then a 11x 17 sheet . then a full mag . we did our justice until 1998 and then like almost all of the mags called it quits . heres a quick foto or 2 of the mags . maybe ill do a come back . NOT!

im publishing this as part of puerto ricos graff history to set shit straight . YO HOMIE FROM THE WEST YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST! STOP TALKIN SHIT B. PEOPLE LAYED DOWN THE BRICKS BEFORE YOU!

BLEN 167


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