Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ZACH (CAGUAS PUERTO RICO pioneer and legend)

Ifirst met zach in 1991 awsome guy with a humble personality great artist at that . he was one of the first writers i met when i first moved to puerto rico besides ske and soze. there were still some pieces around the town from back in 1983 which was dope as well as u5 and uga crew. he stoped painting walls and took it to another level . i would always run in to him in the pj's (brisas) but after a while he disappeared . i always gave him my respects as a true caguas puerto rico pioneer . threw the years i did hear good news from our art teachers that he continued to paint . about 4 mths ago i over heard he came back to pr didnt run into him but like many stories facebook was the key to put us back in contact god bless and much respects to him with his goals later during the year ill post more of his work

Roberto Zach was born in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico in 1971 and is the oldest of seven siblings. During his adolescence, Zach use to create graffiti in the area of Caguas. His speed and quality were so amazing that it caused people to nick name him Flash. Because he didn’t like this nickname, he turned it around and changed it to Zach, which is the name he presently uses.

As Zach’s talents and fame continued to grow and develop, it became apparent to his school’s social worker that Zach had good artistic qualities and recommended art professor Carlos Acevedo to him. Turns out, that the Professor also was looking to meet Zach and take him in as a student. Mr. Acevedo was like a father for Zach and offered free classes that allowed him to further develop his artistic skills. This is how Zach learned everything there is to know about art and the management of an art gallery that belonged to Mr. Acevedo owned whom then recommended Zach to administer the gallery.

The gallery and the relationship with Mr. Acevedo made it possible for Zach to meet other grand local and foreign artists who inspired him to think of creating publicity advertisement and other related activities to graffiti designs. Zach’s artistic participation has been extensive starting with some contests in Caguas where he received second prize in 1986 and first prize in 1987. His exhibitions, to name a few, commenced in 1987 at the Historic Museum of Caguas, Puerto Rico; in 1996, the University of Turabo’s lounge of Academic Resources. Exhibitions in the United States include: 1997, Roxbury Community College, realizing a demonstration of wet paint, Roxbury, MA; 1998, Connolly Library, Jamaica Plain and at the Common Assistant Living in Cambridge, MA; 2004, Grotto Restaurant, Salon Te Casava, Out ob the Blue Galery Central Square Cambridge, MA; Long time exhibition at House of Designs in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA and Estudio Abierto in the South End.

Zach’s future has no limit making him a many-sided artist due to the quantity of artistic activities that is developed at the advertising and artistic level that turns him into a businessman capable or realizing works of higher quality. It is not surprising to walk through the streets in Boston and Puerto Rico and see a commercial sign created by Zach, or a passer-by using a designed tee shirt or assisting in a wedding where he has provided decorations of grace and elegance. To name several other skills, Zach is talented in the areas of building and decorating parade floats, theatrical scenery, sculpture, wood carvings, masks, silkscreen. In others words he is an authentic art representation.

As a result of all this talent, Zach is forming his own art company, Zach Designs. Through this, he wants to maintain the Hispanic culture and make accessible artistic work for those who appreciate the value of art as a whole. Also, he wants to do for others as his professor did for him, which it to give opportunities for upcoming artists, which is CAPEF.

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