Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jose Parla

when i started writing the first thing that was taught to me was hand style . with out it you were not a complete writer . i usally complain about writers in puerto rico lacking in handstyle but what can i say kids just dont listen in a reserch i did 6 years ago i stumbled upon jose parla . when i saw his paintings i was amazed on how his canvases were so similar to walls i saw on a daily . the same ruggedness of walls and deteriation . truely amazing . as i searched more and more i found out he is a artist i looked at from before ease one from the miami ink heads . years later i went to a exibition he had in puerto rico and learned he lived here and later moved to miami in 1985. now he resides in new york and is taking the art world by storm . congradulations ease much respects .
Avenida de Rosas


  1. Correction: Jose Parla was born in Miami and grew up in Puerto Rico. he later returned to Miami in 1983.

  2. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... im doing my homework again