Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sofia Maldonado

Sofia Maldonado could be called a Third World Street Artist. But then again, that would only describe part of her aesthetic and intellectual oeuvre. A brilliant and original muralist she also finesses canvas, paper, disposed of skateboards, and Third World (a.k.a. Global South) toys made in China. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, but residing in Brooklyn since 2006ish, she’s on the fence about returning home to the tropics post receipt of an MFA from Pratt University in 2008. Her fusion of Puerto Rico’s real and imagined identities of US Territory, Commonwealth and independent nation, coupled with a colorful and active imagination of her own, creates artwork that is indirectly potent and visually appetizing. In her images of girls, from reggaeton dancers, streetwalkers to fashionistas, she subverts and exaggerates female identity beyond what is seen in magazines, or on the corner, by adding her signature whimsical touch.

Sofia’s goal to create a voice that represents Puerto Rico through graffiti and murals that are both female and a testament to an organic tropical style, has played out on walls and interiors throughout her native country. Some of her new work involves found objects that she uses to discuss the development of Puerto Rico as an independent nation. By using a traditional toy that generations of Puerto Ricans on the island have played with, trompos (seen below left), as canvases for her contemporary graffiti influenced style, she provides two-fold commentary on the trendy toy culture of global “cool kids” (i.e. Kid Robot) and the question of Puerto Rican independence and homegrown industry. Her latest trompos project, Playing With The History of A Colony, on view at Art Basel Miami (Scope Miami) with Magnan Emrich, addresses the imposed identity of former colonies and memory.

my honest opinion is i love her artwork . i really love her work BUT theres a title that i dont accept that she has been given graffiti artist . there been alot of bad blood between us because of the title graffiti artist . but i cant deny she is a very talented artist and deserves all the fame and glory she is getting . much respects to you sofia god bless and good luck!!

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