Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KET !!!

Alain Ket Maridueña is a publisher, writer, Hip Hop historian, activist and graffiti artist from New York City. He was charged in New York City courts (Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan) on counts of felony criminal mischief, possession of graffiti tools, and X., all relating to a search performed on his home in New York City in late 2006.
Alain grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. From a young age, he fell in love with Hip Hop culture and the graffiti art movement, During his college days at New York University, he founded STRESS, a publication dedicated to celebrating urban communities, Hip Hop culture and educating youth about their rights. This magazine went on to have international distribution and being translated into Spanish language as well. Alain created a program with Riker's Island prison to donate magazines to inmates and to take Hip Hop musicians to perform at the prison system in order to reduce violence and connect them with the outside world. He was also one of the founders of Black August, a collective made up of Stress magazine staff and The Malcolm X Grassroots movement, in order to raise money and support for political prisoners and exchange music and ideas with youth in countries with emerging Hip Hop scenes like Cuba. Most recently he was a founder of Complex magazine along with Marc Ecko, and started a publishing imprint, From Here to Fame, to preserve Hip Hop's rich history and to provide an imprint for marginalized writers and artists. He also has served as a consult to Ecko Unlimited on both their apparel and video game businesses, MTV, Lugz, Vibe magazine, PepsiCo, Timberland, Azzure Denim, and many other brands.
Alain Maridueña's arrest had come in the context of a growing anti-graffiti sentiment in city government due to the growing gentrification of New York City and as part of the Mayor Bloomberg's quality of life push, one started by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Alain's arrest appears to be politically motivated attack for his involvement with Marc Ecko and Ecko's successful lawsuits against the city of New York in order to hold a graffiti event and repealing a spray paint sales ban to 18 year olds. Many consider the charges against Alain excessive.
As we already stated, we will continue to support Alain completely. He and his family have been through an extremely difficult time and are financially strained.
Alain's court cases are ongoing and his family and friends will be raising funds to pay his legal defense, setting up public events to educate people about the incarceration of artists, and providing financial, logistical, and legal support to Alain throughout his proceedings.
Please keep in mind that our fight is just beginning. We need your help and support in order to fight the outrageous prosecution.
On behalf of Alain, we thank you for your continued support.

KET well what can i say i met ket in 1989 1990 in soho down under in nyc i still lived in nyc at the time and there was rumored that there was a vhs tape out showing bombers rockin that at the time was crazy . there was only a hand full of videos out (style wars , beat street, ) so we had to get it . the store didnt sell much stuff maybe a flod out igt times that looked like a subway map or other things . i walked in got the video and a cool dude with ny flow said those magic words only known to the graff fraternity "WHAT YOU WRITE" i told him my name said whats up and thats it . later during the years i took a trip back to nyc after moving to puerto rico and stopped by a news stand and saw a magazine not comon to my eyes stress magazine .at the time and to me still is one of the best magazines out . i always admired ket for his style and that he was always ongoing threw the years . he has always been a supporter of the hip hop culture and great sponcer to puerto ricos graff events . to many he is not a legend but has done legendary things . by taking graff a step up from what it was back in the 70s 80s and 90s . thank yyou ket for every thing good luck ache y bendiciones
Blen 167

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