Monday, March 22, 2010


If you are ignorant to the time when graffiti on the New York subway system was blazing with burners, bombed with throw-ups and saturated with the tags of the legendary, go out and buy, borrow or steal a copy of Style Wars to gain a little insight into a time when the graffiti underworld was icon. My name is Lase, and I'm anxious to interview one of the many who played a role in the history of graffiti. The infamous, the mammoth, the legend, Cap One MPC.

Lase: How old were you when you first noticed Graff and who inspired you?
Cap: I was about ten years old when I first noticed Graff. Only big time on trains, Blade, Billy 167, Colt 1, and slip 3 inspired me.

Lase: You are famous for doing some massive bombing with your throwups, and going over other writers with them. Who out of those writers gave you the most war?
Cap: No one in particular. I was going over whole crews, like CIA, RTW, The Crazy Five, TFO and COD, among many others. Life was tough but I blasted my way to the top and kept it there long enough to make me happy.

Lase: I'm a big fan of your tag and throw-up. Who's tag and throw-up did you like?
Cap: I always enjoyed Smiley 149 tags, Billy 167, Stay High 149, and your tag was pretty cool too. As far as throw-ups, Comet, and AD of MPC had great throw-ups.
Lase: I remember hearing a lot of crazy stories about you. One of them was that you used to carry a sawed off shotgun under your coat. Is that true?
Cap: I'll get into that in my book.

Lase: Back in the day you were dogging a lot of people's pieces but you let a lot of them run. Who were those writers and why did you give them that respect?
Cap: Believe it or not, I got along with most writers and, respected many crews like Wild Style, Fab 5, TMT, TED Inc., MG and UA. I respect most art.

Lase: Most people think youíre a racist. What do you have to say about that?
Cap: That is incorrect. Every heritage contributes to this planet and I think that's a beautiful thing.

Lase: Who do you think had the best pieces, whether you went over them or not?
Cap: Crash, Lee, Skeme and Cos amongst many others and as far as the good pieces go, if it was a nice burner. I would stand in front of it and absorb its greatness before I became the last one to see it run!

Lase: Chillin with you now, you seem to be a collective person. Does the legendary beast still lurk inside?
Cap: There's no beast. Iím just from the street and took care of myself when I had to.

Lase: Who was the first person you saw going over other people's work before you dominated?
Cap: Comet! He went over everybody so bad that they never let any of his pieces run. That's why he just stuck to his throw-ups.

Lase: Who do you give props to as the all around king?
Cap: Zephyr. He did all pieces, bombed the insides, had five different names and kinged them all!

Lase: That is so sick, because I feel the same way! I guess thatís because the truth is the truth. A lot of people look at CAP as the ultimate destroyer, Henchman, Villian of Graffiti. Do you see yourself in that light?
Cap: I was a tough kid but nobody was that bad!

Lase: If you could go back in time and trade what you have now for what you had back then, would you?
Cap: Hell no! I have most of what was good from back then and so much more. My life's achievements consist of all my efforts, not just a moment of glory.

Lase: Who do you think was one of the most aggressive writers, other than yourself?
Cap: PJ was one of the most aggressive writers out there. He was a true all city king.

Lase: What is Cap currently doing with himself?
Cap: I'm networking with many artists on different projects. I'm currently writing a book on my memoirs and I also have a project that Iím working on in Europe.

Lase: Any shout outs?
Cap: Thanks to Tuff City Tattoos in the Bronx and ALIFE in Manhattan for keeping me close to new school artists and God bless all.

I have to admit while interviewing Cap, each question drifted off to another Graff recollection, but I didnít mind because I felt as if I was right there with him, reliving it again for the very first time.

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