Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Luis "ZIMAD" Lamboy Jr.

My name is Luis "ZIMAD" Lamboy Jr.
I was born and raised in the South Bronx. I started as a Graffiti artist in 1979. during the mid 80's I did allot of backdrops for television shows such as MTV and upn 9 steam pipe alley along with a couple of commercials I all so did jackets for rappers and singers such as, Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince, Patty La belle, Anita Baker, new kids on the block, the Boyz, Marky Mark and the Barrio Boyz. In 84 I did my fist art show at fashion moda, It was pretty big for me having my first show with people that was in the game years before me like Pink, Erni, Tracy 168.

I've been doing shows ever since. Going into the late 80's I got to travel within the country to do commissioned walls and got involve with a group called MAGIC which stood for more American graffiti in control during those years I got much press in the papers and T.V. news on what we were doing with the project.Around the same time I got filmed for a couple of documentarys 1 being aired in europe.

for the most part of the 90's I layed low, not doing allot of anything, it was kinda a chill period, prob. from doing as much as I did in the 80's. I was just tied and needed the break.

in 1998 I decided to get back to my art and pick up were I left off. From 98 till now I've put on many more shows all over the place and sold plenty of canvases through out the world. I've designed a number of Air Jordan's two being limited additions only sold in Paris and a watch for Jacob The Jeweler. Weather it's doing a jacket for a singer, painting a wall or truck, doing a canvas for a show or just hitting up a black book as long as it involves graffiti I will be happy and have no regrets. My next upcoming projects involve graffiti magnet cards out of Europe from "" sketch books which I'm now selling and very soon costum painted cars.
my works can be seen at

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