Sunday, March 7, 2010

Graffiti Legend Sigi Von Koeding Aka "DARE" Rest In Peace

Unfortunately Sigi von Koeding aka DARE(b.1968) has lost the fight with cancer and died at Evening 6th March 2010 in Hospital in Basel . The loss of this Inspiring Artist will be noticed more and more by every minute for sure... Our sympathy goes to the family and close friends of Sigi and All Graffiti Writers who could see the magic in his lines.

After several exhibitions in Switzerland between 1992 and 1995, Dare exhibited at the Art Frankfurt fair and at the Kallman Museum in Munich in 1996.
His works can be interpreted as written selfportraits, every letter is unique and has it's own expression, reflecting the artists daily feelings and representing his name. Dare Induces his own writing style, punctuated by elegant and fluid poses. Always exploring new posibilities and techniques on hiQualified as « branding », his style has an unique identity, including letters outlined with extreme precision, layers of bright colours and original backgrounds. s canvases.

to me one of the worlds best style masters . ive been in touch with him during the last 17 years since he had his magazine aerosoul and i can say he was a very cool guy and very inspirational person , humble and just a all around guy . its a shock to here the news i got a email from a long time freind of ours my blessings to his family i know your rockin walls in heaven my friend god bless
rest in power dare !
BLEN 167

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