Friday, February 6, 2009


FUCK THIS NIGHT LOLOL man we found this sweet wall on the high way . the wall must have been 500 feet long . the city had just cut some of the grass that was hiding the wall right so we drive to the wall but noticed mad cops drivin up and down we had to hide the car on the high way under some bridge climbed over some barbwire crossed a little river and walked threw the 7 foot high grass for like 30 mins when we got top the spot we started rockin the wall and it started to fuckin rain, we hid under some grass for 30 min when we got back to our outlines we noticed to the right of us that there was a fuckin huge ass bull. just chillin in the cut! we just ignored the fucker and broke out . we drove back home 30 mins away and found out swifty left his cel phone while drivin back from the spot from getting the phone swifty blew a tire . so like i said fuck that night!

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