Saturday, February 7, 2009


My family came to the bronx in the late 50s but almost all in the high brigde section of the bronx and webster ave. i cant complain kids in pr had trees to climb on ours was back flippin on 10 old matreses or playin skelzie , stick ball in the summer or steppin on snow covered shit. egg fights on halloween , or flying pigeons . getting vamped was a every day ordeal if you didnt look around the esquina ! you'll get got! IF YOU WANTED THE LATEST SHOES ! SON ! go to jewmans in southern blvd . dont go alone hahaha it was rumored that he sent dudes to get his sneakers back after you paid for them ! OUR NEIGHBORHOOD HAD AT LEAST 20 TO 30 CREWS.
(bdp) boricuaz dont play , (lb)livin bold, the honets , the chingalings , wkt, the ebony dukes, and the bna crew!

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