Sunday, November 15, 2009

SKE (mad, fx, tnb) SOZE ( mad, tats)


In 1991 92 i still lived in nyc (bronx) ny always had its crews rockin but not as many as you would expect .the bronx has always had its flava but in 1991 tat member brim was hitting the streets and random roof tops . he had a shop in the 6 line called the paint spot where they would give bboy classes by crazy llegs from rock steady . there were basicly only 3 spots selling graff materials there was sohozat( scrap yards) and zone tct had his shop . back to brim well there were very few writers doing burners on roof tops and brim was one of them . but he brought a new face to the game with a sweet style and that was soze mad ( SOLDIER OF ZODIAC EARTH) i met the guy at his shop he was doing gates all over and was a new face to tat (tats crew) Iat the time had some issues and and decided to make a move to puerto rico . the last time i was there was when i was 12 and it wasnt all that family lived in the mountians so i thought i was gonna regret my trip. after 2 weeks of getting paint and rockin walls with lou t.o.d. and swift . i took a trip to the paint spot with nev uw and copped a first issue of can control magazine . los angeles was at another level and wall rockin then nyc and noticed a amazing hand ball court with a sick wild style it was a whole diferent level . i clean out line . different approach to wild style with a computer rock style of interlocking color patterns his characters had a mix of bboy s, mugs, and a realistic effect to his shading . nothing ever seen before .

looking at the magazine and speaking with brim i met soze he pointed out that he and his partner ske had a piece in can control (the first publication to promote any graffiti from the island) i moved and linked up with ske and saw the best murals ive seen in years . alot hidden from the public eye .

soze was permanetly in the bronx and ske did bigger productions in puerto rico . nuff said hes one of puerto ricos most respected vets of the island . and style masters of of the island. soze kept doing wilder styles while working with crews like fba . tat and the fx crew both still rockin walls . you can catch ske in the bronx , or orlando working with per and the fx tnb crew or back at home on island where he works as a airbrush artist and muralist. to me i think ske is one of the founding fathers of the east coast side of the islands graffiti scene. much respected by many and a true style master



In 1980 i wrote joker ,in 1981 i changed it to ske because i liked the letters (you can take out alot of styles from the letters) my family hated graffiti and didnt know i wrote i had to sneak out at dawn to go bombing i would make a fake me with pillows so they would think i was sleeping. in 1980 i was in crews like ga. which was originaly uga, lea. and mad. mad was founded by rom the crew started with rom and his student seek or serch(letter master) later me , soze, soes, and glide 36 came into mad in the 90s bex ekc 4 sen2 (sane) rek (shem) in 2000 les, bik, blen, ric , flavor in the 80s there were more people painting then now and 90% of them painted well . there were bomber but they mainly hit the ama buses(metro city bus lines)the first to hit them were cls,wiz, doze,then came me dix glide,soze,soes,dr who,fantasy,buster sein thor heat,etc,etc,,,...... the down falL was in 1988 alot of writers got married had kids and others took other roots ended up in jail or dead.
my first partner was wized when i wrote joker (1980) then in 81 i went to ske and he went to dix then soze and in the 90s rek . my inspirations were phase 2 (the first work i ever saw) then in 1985 rom introduced mi to back rounds and characters seek was letters (my teachers) i first went to ny and painted with rom soze in a spot soze had and baptized it the bronx hall of fame. later all older writers painting at the time rocked there videos like krs ones duck down were filmed there .

by 95 i saw some work by daim and it looked diferent i tryed it out and the rest is history

ske rek

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