Tuesday, April 27, 2010


OK people have been asking why goya . to be honest i wanted to change it up a bit after so many years of rockin blen pieces idecided to do some thing diferent every now and then i would rock a melo piece . but goya seemed to be way diferent it explains who i am (latino) and it was also a word i heard alot when i lived in nyc from 1974 to 1992 goya was usally used to call out a latino . not like the word spic . but in just a latin way morenos (african american) would call us it would be goya, mira mira, or just plain YO papi! . looking at "graff" nowa days the names dont say much so im giving goya a chance among many others im gonna try out . i always looked up to many tc 5 writers that used diferent names (web, seven, yard) (doc,arab,supreme) (sye,peso) and siad fuck it lets do this . so from time to time you will see diferent pieces hope evry body likes them and well if you dont fuck it !

BLEN 167

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