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YO YO BLENSKI!! thats the first thing i heard the day i met seus in ponce pr 8 years ago i think he came with a old friend flavor .first impresion is always important . and he came with a smile and a whats up like weve known each other for years . seus is one of the coolest writer ive met . i really cant say anything bad about any one from the west coast of the island they have always treated me with respect like they all deserve . after saying whats uup he tells me yo i have a present for you . and there it was a custom can with skulls . one of the baddest gifts ive ever gotten from a writer . the wall was rocked and they dipped back to aguadilla . ive only rocked on the same wall twice with him and hopefully soon we will rock agian . seus is one of puerto ricos finest writers to date . coming with a bad ass unique style never like anyone else . senor bonnie and clyde like i call them seus and his wife yami will rock a wall in a min o and yes yami is not your random girly graff writer . she'll rock a wall better then any dude will buts that come soon with her interview stay tuned !! peace out wiked much respects


So tell me b, what do you write and why ?
I've been writing WIKED' since two years after i moved to PR. that was in 2001. Before that, i was writing SEUS. most people still call me by that name. i just decided to start writing wiked' to change the style up a lil' bit and because the name has some of my favorite letters to fuck around with (W-K-E).

how long have you been writing?
Damn.... i got "interested" in writing since 1991 when i saw my boy's notebook full of weird tags. i think it was the 4th grade. i'll say it was something that he saw from his older brother and picked up on it. back then we only did our bullshit tagging in school. years passed by until we got a bit more serious into it. i'll say i started practicing my piecing back in 94'. damn that shit was toy as hell. but fuck it. we all went thru it back then. nowadays kids just sit on their computers and take letters from different people and put them together to make up some shit and without going thru the evolution process.

where are you originaly from ?
Born in residencial Aponte, AGUADILLA, PR. Raised in NEWARK NJ.
why the move to the island ?
I moved down here after me and mom got tired of the states. you know how moms start their crazy shit with comments like: " YO ME VOY PA' LA ISLA Y QUIERO MORIR AYA". hahaha. i was already used to the island cause she brought us every year for vacation. we always had family here and stayed at their houses. so in reality it wasn't like moving to a strange place where it was gonna' be difficult to start all over again

My wife did a little' paintbrushing way before she met me. After getting together, it was easy for her to catch up and get into graff. just imagine, seeing her husband painting almost every day, it was inevitable for her to get involved at some point.
So your like the bonie and clyde of PR's west coast, blazing up walls hahaha

what crews do you represent ?
Oh yeah, we're the bonie and clyde the of graff down here. fuck it, imma' get deeper than that ! we're like the " PIMPINELA" of graff down here. hahhaahhahaathat's some old school shit ! lmao
CREWS WE REP: As of lately YAMI only reps my crew SKUNKWORKS militia 'SWM". she was part of other groups but they've been dropped since they've never bothered to get together and rep like a crew should. Hope no one gets offended by that fact. but truth is truth ya'll...and i better not hear any one talking that shit about my wife gettin' a little recognition and forgetting about them. Everything she has done, has been thru her own hard work...enough said.
Me, i rep: FX - SWM - FUA and a few others. but those 3 are the main ones and it's members DO show up for real to rock walls and treat me like family.

how can you explain the change in the graff scene from when you came to pr to now ?
The scene here in PR's west coast has always been dope. Most of us share the same interest when it comes to getting down to rock a wall. We always have that mentality of wanting to do dope shit. Even if it's a simple theme. As for the rest of the island, EVERY ACTIVE TOWN HAS IT'S SHARE OF DOPE ARTISTS AND BOMBERS. but recently we've been dealing with these plagues of fucking kids who are so out of place and don't have a clue about what this shit is. Yes, you know who you are ! you fuckin' bunch of artschool, no respect for legends havin', internet throw-up biting, wanting to be cool talking the graff lingo, bombing that wack shit to impress yourself and 4 friends, listening to Coscuelluela thinking shit is for real, dirty once a month bleedin mudafukaz' !!! hahaah' i almost felt like dream' writing that shit.....

who were your influences in your past and present ?
Damn. this is the question that a lot of these egotistic mudafukaz' evade when asked. I'm heavily influenced by the dope writers whose work i used to see in jersey, people like:SNOW,SYKO,NACE(rip),TECK, and many others. these guys i admire til' this day. i like to think of my style as "all their stuff put together in a blender and adding a little bit of my own filth" to come up with this evil
it's crazy how things repeat themselves. Now i can see how my stuff inspires others. Now i get to see kids influenced by my work. I get a big smile when Some speak to me about how i'm their favorite writer and their motivation. Thanx peeps ! Don't try to be exactly like me, be better ! you've made me a better and humble man

when thinking of airbrushed bikes and cars i only think of a handfull of people on the island and you're one of them. how did you make the transition from walls to bikes and cars?
man ! you won't believe how much advantage i've gotten in the Kustom bike world by being a graff artist. It has made things way more easy. The automotive painters down here seem to have these rules and techniques that are based just on paint manufacturer manuals and little airbrush books for begginers. most of them just tend to repeat what they see on those books. Most of my customers give me total freedom when i paint their bikes. i pretty much use the same steps and techniques in airbrushing as in graffiti.

It seems bikes have been my only option to make good living. It was ridiculously' hard for me to find a regular job down here due to having my arms tattooed. The majority of people and business owners seem to be stuck on the old mentality about people with tattoos being crazy criminals. shit is ridiculously sometimes.....Yes BLENski, you know how it feels !

Is there much diference. Do you some times feel like fat capping' it all up?
HELL NO !!!! you can't fuck with automotive paint like we do with graff paint.
But es, there's tools to help speed the process like instead of a fat cap, i use a spraygun with a large nozzle and spray fan. Custom painting requires you to be chemist some times also....

have any wierd stories of some thing that happened because of graffiti?
Damn. i don't recall any bad memories but from my experience i will say that graff has gotten' me many good friends, a few enemies, few bitter haters, money from comissioned jobs, money loss from painting so much, cool fans and admirers, NO graff groupies, a dope graffhead wife, a little traveling, backpains, finger blisters, barb wire in my legs, arguments with religious people, fucked up car trunk from paint spills, fucked up back seat from paint spills, fucked up dunks from paint dripping !!! and uncontrolable graff addiction.....

shout outs: To blenski for this interview. all the SWM-FXcru-FUA-HOT-SC-NMK-BNA-Everyone keeping this shit alive in PR, it's too many of you to mention you individually - A PIMP NAMED SLICKBACK - ALL MY CUSTOMERS - and last but not the mudafukin' owner of the nissan dealer near home for not letting me test drive the GTR that's in the show room ! i hope you get bit by a Guaraguao' !
PAZ !!!!!!!!

Peep my blog from time to time to cure your boredom, please bring a good sense of humor.........

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