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Born in the South Bronx in 1964, NAK started his love for art by reading Marvel
comics.He started drawing SPIDER-MAN and other Marvel characters as a kid, and was influenced by the vivid color of Marvel’s great covers from the 1970s. In 1976, he moved to Roosevelt Island where he met "DAZE" who introduced him to writing style. He trekked daily to Intervale Ave in the Bronx to take pictures of train pieces. He met HENRY CHALFANT @Intervale who was also taking pictures of pieces.Henry asked, where he could find other writers and NAC, directed him to the bench@149th street and the Grand Concourse to find other writers.(YES,YES,YALL,P.277).

He soon soon started DJing after attending parties outdoors in Queenbridge Park. In 1979, moved to Betances Projects@143rd in the South Bronx and found out the hospital he was born, formally stood in place of the Betances buildings . Immersed himself in "Poppin and Lockin" with his cousin MR.WIGGLES and FABEL(Paser) and were known as Electric Company. Formed all Puerto Rican Hip Hop crew "FANTASIZING 5" and did his first train Piece in 1979, A NAC/DAZE/CYA WITH A KEL /CRASH/BLS production, . He did masterpieces with CRASH,KEL,COS,QUIK DAK2,PASER(Fabel) and painted productions alongside DONDI,NOC,SHY147,REPEL,KASE2,BASE2. He left writing in 1982, and worked as a Bookkeeper for LORD&TAYLOR and FORBES Inc.

In 1990, He attended FORDHAM UNIVERSITY Majored in Communications(FILM) and walked on to the Men’s TENNIS & SQUASH TEAM(DIVISION 1). By 1993, He earned a partial Scholarship and gave back to his Community working summers teaching Tennis for the New York Jr Tennis League. In 1995, his Squash Team captured the Division D championship.
He worked Production on Commercials, Film, and Music Videos.

SEPT 2001,spray painted American Flag canvas in Union Square Park as part of a 9/11 Memorial.Co-founded Ground Zero Arts, art to memoralize 9/11; gathered donated construction helmets and created masterpiece on them for the "Missing Show" @ NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM(6/02).

SEPT 2002, Founded MADHATN(myspace), writing style on mesh hats and clothing, live on the streets of Soho,Nyc and Times Square. 3/03 Added legendary Bronx writer BOM5/MW/RSC and FREQ(STENCIL ART) to the crew. Together they tagged and have done masterpieces on over 30,000 hats..
APRIL13, 2004.NYTIMES/Metro section P.1- Wins a lawsuit against NYC to make it legal to paint on clothing.
Currently painting live in SoHo with Bom5.Bringing original 80s flavor writing style and clothing to the people.

when you meet some old school train writers they tend to be on a ego trip. i met nak in 2002 or was it 2001 at a zulu aniversary in the bronx 170street university . i was in from pr to see the inventos premire at the h2o movie festival. meeting him was cool. humble and mad busy . he was rockin hats like crazy .i think we spoke for like 30 min. and banged off like 20 hats . i spent most of the time talkin with sien who was a old friend . whom was rockin some airbrushed shirts . looking at both . do there trade it was interesting to see the diferent styles of painting clothing . before miskeen and ecko etc etc . there was the old school way of doing your gear . now i walk into stores and see the same styles of clothing but commercialy made in factories . it sucks how companies steal ideas from hip hop to make some loot. the whole purpose of this is when ever you see a painted jackets (commercial) think of hip hop . when ever you see a painted trucker hat . think of NAK AND BOM 5 . true pioneers in graff much respect

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  1. Yo NAC is a cool Dude! Do ya thang boy! Peace& Prosper