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Born December 1st,19??, the island of Puerto Rico marks the birth place of Eli Rios, also known as "Bles" or "El Bendecido".

Showing first signs of natural talent for music as early as 2 years old, his father, a widely acclaimed violinist in his time as well as an accomplished piano player/song arranger & composer, was heavily involved in Latin Jazz, Afro - Carribean & Salsa music since his early teens. His mother, a singer and an avid piano player currently teaches music to kids in the elementary school level. His grandparents are a guitar & singing duo who have been performing in churches all over the world for over 30 years. Thanks to the generations before him, a solid foundation was set, convincing him to pursue success in a career in music.

He learned to play the violin at the age of 4, attempting to follow in his fathers footsteps, but this only lasted until the age of 9. It wasn't until his freshman year he decides to pick up a pair of sticks and joins his high school band, where he easily picked up playing percussion instruments. The drums, congas and bongos among his favorite. Ascending to section leader by his sophomore year, he lead many performances with his school's concert & jazz bands, quickly gaining admiration from his peers for his electrifying drum solo performances which featured at several music festivals. He was 15.

Despite of being raised outside of the U.S., a young Bles identified himself with what became to be know as the hip hop culture around the age of 9 (the late 80's). "Hip Hop came to me easy. It was easy to relate. What people don't know is that it (hip hop) has lived in PR since even before its birth, in my opinion. Part of its essence has & will always live here."

His first taste at beat-making came during his early teens when he'd join local freestyle cyphers to listen in. His friends would rap and he 'accidentally' discovered the art of beat boxing by mimicking one of his favorite beats. The rest was history. "I was always the sound fx guy at school", he laughed. "I'd be that annoying dude bangin on the desk with my pencil and fist or beat boxing while the teacher gave lectures." Accepting this new gift of crafting beats with his tongue, enlightened him on a new mission. "I realized from that point on that this is what I wanted to pursue, this is what I wanted to do."

With this set in mind, he left the island at the age of 18 and relocated to Orlando, Florida where he attended Full Sail, a school of the Entertainment Media, graduating in 2003 with a degree in Audio Engineering and Recording Arts. He moved to Miami shortly after with intent to land an internship gig at a studio. Although the internship never came through, it was in Miami where he polished his production skills, spending countless days and nights in his studio perfecting his craft. "It was then when I discovered my sound, kind of solidified it, gave it an identity," referring to his eccentric, unorthodox approach at music. "I don't really like to say I have a style. I've been told I do have a signature sound, but i don't feel no two beats have ever sounded alike. And it's not that I even try to avoid that. It's just that when creating, I don't think, I just feel. I'm constantly re-inventing myself and have never been interested in the sound of the moment. I don't care what everybody else is doing, I simply do me how only I know to do best."

He has since featured his production on hand-picked projects and mixtapes to date, including legendary spanish rapper Mexicano 777, up and coming rap phenom Cosculluela, underground hip hop icon Babalu Machete, Miami's Charlie Bronze & Poe Boy's Plus Givens to name a few. His first full album-mixtape project, a collection of latin, soulful, experimental instrumentals titled BLES TRU MENTALS, dropped on his birthday, December 1st of 2009.

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