Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Charlie Chase, The First Latino DJ to officially emerge and establish Latinos as a force to the masses in Hip Hop after his predecessor DJ Disco Wiz (First Latino DJ). Born in New York City, he was raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn until the age of 12, and then moved to the Bronx where He became a musician and a true Hip Hop Pioneer in 1975. Despite alot of negative criticism from Blacks and Hispanics back then for Being a Puerto Rican DJ playing Hip Hop Music, Charlie Played in the streets, parks, clubs and schools of New York City with other pioneers such as Kool Herc, Afrika Bambbatta, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Flash and so many others, and became a force to be reckoned with. Entertaining the masses and representing Latinos everywhere by playing everything from Hip Hop, Salsa, R&B, House, Disco and Rock was how he gained respect as a Dj and how he stayed focused on his music. Charlie then co-founded the "World Famous Cold Crush Brothers" with his partner Tony Tone. Together they recruited Grandmaster Caz, Hut Maker JDL, Almighty KG and Easy AD, thus becoming one of the primary influences immulated by many DJ's, MC's and Rappers in Hip Hop to this day. In 1981 Charlie got his first movie roll playing himself in the first Hip Hop movie ever made. The Cult hit was titled Wild Style. Getting a small speaking part and performing with his group the The Cold Crush Brothers in the movie was the break he needed to take his talent all over, rocking Japan, Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland and many other countries, playing in some of the most famous clubs and arenas like The Roxy, Studio 54, Roseland, Madison Square Garden and more. In 2003 Charlie was inducted into the Technics, DMC DJ Hall Of Fame Joining the ranks of Afrika Bambatta, Jazzy Jay, Jazzy Jeff, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmixer DXT, Jam Master Jay, Grandmaster Flash, Red Alert, DJ Premier, Mixmaster Ice, Grandmaster Caz & More. Today, Charlie continues to play for his fans all over the world and has become a true Hip Hop Dj Icon.

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