Saturday, January 30, 2010

INDIE 184 ( KD, 156, fc)

INDIE184 is one of todays most active female graffiti writers hailing from Washington Heights, NYC.

Growing up all over NYC she began to participate in the graffiti culture in 2001.

Determined to express herself to the
world through art, she taught herself how to sew, paint and produce graphic design. She is known for her simple playful
feminine graffiti style lettering.

You can find her graffiti pieces from the South Bronx to Berlin. Indie's graffiti was featured
the record breaking Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV video game.

Her current endeavors include directing her street
wear brand Kweenz Destroy and producing graphic design work


INDIE to all to me shes la jefa(the boss) . i met indie 3 years ago here in puerto rico . big boss man cope called up and said she wanted to paint . and it was hooked up quick . i cant say any thing bad about any female writer ive ever met really but indie is the coolest ! thanks jefa for always being cool with the crew here in pr good luck god bless ! valla jefa!!! arroz con gandules!!

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