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I Walk Amongst The Great Poets"

I am truly blessed to have grown up in the sixties a time of movements, revolutions and great people that inspired and challenged us to see the world through their lives As a young man in the Bronx not socially accepted and with no resources I found a platform in which I could express myself I found my voice, I found hip hop, I love hip-hop because it means hope. Hope, to those who are less fortunate And it does not discriminate because of race, gender, or social class It has united our people and has stood the test of time..... But unfortunately it has flaws and has allowed the descend of corporate vultures An attempt at rewriting our history so now as everyone has access.. I guess its great for business, but bad for creativity, innovation , and all the intangble magic that surrounds a movement in motion... twenty-first-century hip-hop is an industry with insitutions, orthodoxies, and dogmas...and that's evolution..that's life... but this isn't about hip-hop today.... it's about a time and a place and a people that you should know about... this is what i breathe, this is my life, this is our revolution

DJ Disco Wiz (real name Luis Cedeño) is a Latino DJ who was briefly known as DJ Louie Lou born in Bronx New York on August 11, 1961. Half Cuban half Puerto Rican he is credited as being the first Latino Hip-Hop DJ, His contributions have paved the way for Latin DJs everywhere to make their mark in the industry. Back in the day, Dj Disco Wiz was known for his aggressive battle style of DJing, and together with his partner and childhood friend Grandmaster Caz, then known as DJ Casanova Fly (1975) of the Mighty Force Crew Also Known as The Treacherous Trio With Whipper Whip,Dot-A-Rock, and DJ Mighty Mike throughout the mid- to late-1970s. They are legendary for their DJ battles in the streets of the South Bronx; Grandmaster Caz would later go on to form the cold crush brothers.

DJ Disco Wiz is also credited for being the first DJ to make a "mixed plate" in 1977 along with Grandmaster Caz, when he combined sound bites, special effects and paused beats. This is Hip-Hop’s first mixed dub recording. In the years since, DJ Disco Wiz has openly contributed to the education and recognition of the early years of hip-hop. In the millennium issue of The Source magazine he candidly shared his experience in being the first Latino in the evolution of hip-hop. Dj Disco Wiz was also a major contributor in the opening of the Experience Music Project in Seattle in 2000. His contribution and donation of original hip-hop flyers, solely for the preservation of hip-hop can be seen as part of the archives. He was also instrumental in the making of Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahearn’s rendition of the early years of hip-hop entitled Yes, Yes Y’all. Sharing over numerous original flyers and first hand accounts of the early years of hip-hop including a historical event of the 1977 New York City blackout.

DJ Disco Wiz is a poet who has recently been inspired in writing a lyrical account for the lack of recognition of the early pioneers. His passion is versed in a poem entitled “The Land Before The Rhyme” which was performed at the Apollo Theater, the landmark Nuyorican Poet Cafe and also at poet venues through out New York City, and can be seen in the book Born in the Bronx, Dj Disco Wiz is currently involved in a t-shirt project with The Originators” whose sole purpose is the commitment and education of the early years of hip-hop, honoring the DJs, MCs, writers and B-Boys that helped pave the way for a culture. He is also featured in a couple of documentaries that are in the works. One is 1LOVE, a film about the lives of Joe Conzo, Ernie Paniccoli and Jamel Shabazz. The other one is ALL OUT WAR a B-Boy Story. and the Emmy Nominated Vh1 Rock Doc ny77: the Coolest year in hell Developed by Nanette Burstein and Firehouse Films for Vh1, He has also been working with Michael P and Dug 1 on Turntable Timmy, an animated series that teaches children about hip-hop culture.

He is currently working on a book with Ivan Sanchez based on his life titled, It’s Just Begun: The Epic Journey of Hip-Hop’s First Latino DJ, Disco Wiz. Miss Rosen/powerhouse books June 2009.

Wiz is also a board member of the Universal Federation for the Preservation of Hip Hop Culture; is self explanatory in the very name of this organization. The federation consists of Vice President Kenny Syder, President Amir T. Aziz, Chairperson Africa Bambaataa, Secretary Pebbles Riley, Treasurer David Walton (CPA), Executive Director Simone Joyce, Curtis “Grandmaster Caz" Brown, DJ Tony Tone, Kurtis Blow, Tiana Johnson (MBA), Patrick Jeanette, GrandMaster Melle Mel, Cashus D, KRS-One, Lovebug Starski, Miguel Corral, Ernie Paniccioli, Jorge “PopMaster Fabel” Pabon, Joe Conzo (photographer). The Universal Federation has a headquarter located in the Bronx, the birth place of Hip Hop, therefore their work is immediately seen affecting the community of youth who can take a better command in their crafts with the education of their recent history. His relevance to the current state of Hip Hop as a pioneer is expressed in the interest many writers and journalists take in learning about his life and contributions to the arts of Hip Hop.

Dj Disco Wiz is also the grandson of the late legendary santero Norberto Cedeno of Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, La Mano Poderosa (The All Powerful Hand of God), 1950, and the Creator and founder of The Hip-Hop Meets Spoken Wordz Series.

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