Sunday, January 10, 2010

ZEAR ONE ( How one day can change the dirección of your life!)

How one day can change the dirección of your life!

I remember i use to go to CHELSEA high school (DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN) back in the 1980’s ...I use to cut school alot and go to PEARLS to rack markers and was a everyday thing…Well one day i cut school after lunchtime and went to play handball at a court near by the school…when i got tired i went for a walk around canal street and while tagging up while i was cutting between blocks i found these metal doors that had mad tags on them…i was about to take a tag on them when the doors opened and out came this kid that was leaving and said to me…YOU GOING IN? And held the door opened for me...I walked in not even knowing where i was entering and once inside i saw Graff on canvases all over...I was like what the fuck! Then this man came up to me and said Hi im Henry you can look around feel free to do i was like THANKS..he asked me if i was a writer and i said Im ZEAR ONE..he was like good to me you and showed me around...There where some cats in a corner hanging out...I didnt know who they where came up to me and said My name is KANO what you write?...again im like im ZEAR ONE...he was a cool cat he presented me to the other cats who where in the corner ...they where Zephyr, Revolt and some other writers...KANO was like how did you find this place did some writer tell you?..i was like nah i dont even know what this place is...Niggas started laughing....and said oh shit your in HENRY CHALFANTS studio b...hahahahaha...I was like o.k....after that day i never went back to school and hanged out in Henrys studio for a couple of after day..I got cool with KANO and he put me down with ROCSTARS crew...I was mad happy because it was my first strong crew i was down in plus all the heavyhitters like KEL FIRST, CASE 2, MIN ONE, DURO, MARE 139 and CRASH etc... that day i felt like i was given special powers and shit...I stopped going to Henrys after my aunt who was my gaurdian found out i wasnt going to school for a couple of weeks and so i decided to drop out of school that year..I never went back to Henrys ..but i kept in contact with kano ...a couple of times at the Roxys (Club)...after that i just started Graff strong....I know that bumping into Henrys studio and meeting KANO and being put down in ROCSTARS was a very important time in my life.You would think that dropping out of school was stupid but it opened my love for Graffiti and that helped me turn into who i am today...

Those where the wonder years of Graff...Man how i mis the real Feel of Graff...Now im 42 and go painting with my 13 year old son ALAN ONE...whos been into Graff since he was i guess bottom of it all I AM A HAPPY MOTHERFUCKER who lives, breaths and enjoys life thru graff ....Thank You God for all the good and bad that i have been thru...because with the good comes the bad...and everything helped me be the man and father i am today...


Zear One...FC / ROCSTARS / FBA / IBM / TC5 / X-MEN...till death!


  1. Saludo hermano!

    Soy José Luiz de Brasil, gracias por la oportunidad de conocer una parte importante de la historia.