Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Born & Riased in Santurce, Puerto Rico until the age of 13 Joel "Teknyc" Martinez credits an early interest in Bboying to his older brother Willy, who in the mid 80's was one of the top bboys in Puerto Rico. Teknyc's 1st interest was Boxing, in 1993/1994 he won 2 Golden Gloves as an amateur boxer with a record of 16/0. In 1996 Teknyc joined a crew from Tampa F.L. Later they would become the world renowned Skill Methodz. Representing in the scene at most local jams in Florida as well as across the U.S. & overseas to Europe & Asia. In 2003 & 2009 Skill Methodz went on to win the U.K. Bboy Champs. Teknyc hopes to preserve the essence of Bboying by keepin the art form true to its essence while still innovating within the context of this defined art form.

Teknyc is also a Graff writer down with legendary Graffiti crews such as Kings Destroy, Incredible Bombing Masters "IBM", 156 All Stars, X-men & KAOS INC. He's also the creator/promoter of the infamous NYC based party "THE GO OFF" headlined by world renown DJ Skeme Richards of The Rock Steady Crew. Teknyc is the quintessential Bboy, a very rare breed these days. Check out some of his latest adventures in his blog


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